Combining biological knowledge with the advances in computing and physical system provides a holistic approach to tackle multiple problems across various sectors.

Bio-CPS brings together interdisciplinary R&D and translation expertise across the fields of biology, electronics, computer science and associated disciplines to solve challenging problems. Automation, machine learning and advances in bio-machine interfaces have begun to shape R&D in this area.

Healthcare, agriculture, consumer products, environment, information and communication technologies (bio-computing) etc. are some of the areas in which Bio-CPS can make an impact.

Under the technology development vertical, BITS BioCyTiH Foundation intends to support translational research and development projects from both academia and industry in the interdisciplinary areas of Bio-CPS with applications across healthcare, agriculture, water and environment sectors focused on translation of R&D results into marketable products and services.

The Foundation supports 23 Strategic projects from the Host Institution across the three campuses, 9 projects from the Spoke institutions and has launched its flagship program SMART Bio-CPS for funding projects from Start-ups & SMEs in Bio-CPS. Foundation is also launching Faculty Fellowships and Chair Professorship programs in Bio-CPS for supporting translational research in Bio-CPS by faculties at other academic and research institutions and attracting mentors and advisors for technology development.