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BITS BioCyTiH Chair Professorship Program

BITS BioCyTiH Foundation (Foundation) invites applications for the BITS BioCyTiH Chair Professorship Program.

Foundation is looking for senior academicians with demonstrated expertise in product/technology development and translation in the area of Bio-CPS who can advise and provide continuous guidance for the technology development and translational activities of the Foundation.

1. About BIO-CPS

Combining biological knowledge with the advances in computing and physical system provides a holistic approach to tackle multiple
problems across various sectors. Bio-CPS brings together interdisciplinary R&D and translation expertise across the fields of biology, electronics, computer science and associated disciplines to solve challenging problems. Automation, machine learning and advances
in bio machine interfaces have begun to shape R&D in this area. Healthcare, agriculture, consumer products, environment, information
and communication technologies (biocomputing) etc. are some of the areas in which Bio-CPS can make an impact.

2. Technology Areas:

Interdisciplinary areas of Bio-CPS under healthcare, agriculture, water, and environment with Bio-CPS technology component, but not limited to:
− Biosensors and Actuators
− Internet of Things
− Cyber security systems
− Image analysis
− Cloud computing & Edge computing
− Robotics & Automation
− Microfluidics
− Microelectromechanical systems
− Machine Learning
− Deep Learning
− Artificial Intelligence
− Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality etc.

3. No. of Positions: 2

4. Tenure: 1 year

5. Fellowship and Contingency:

a) Monthly Fellowship: INR 50,000/-
b) Contingency along with travel-200000/- for 1 year (given in two tranches)

6. Eligibility Criteria:

a) Senior academician with a full-time position in India, with a demonstrated expertise in product/technology development and translation in Bio-CPS
b) Full-time professor in an academic/research institution with at least 5 years’ experience or an industry expert with at least 20 years of industrial R&D experience in Bio-CPS

7. Roles and Responsibilities:

We expect the selected Chair professor to provide at least 10 hours/month to the Foundation in the following activities:
a) Advise the top management of the Foundation in technology development activities
b) Advise on potential collaboration for technology development with industries, non-profit, government, other national and international organizations
c) Contribute to support the Foundation in building and expanding its network and collaborative efforts
d) Advise in designing top level convenings of the Foundation

8. How to Apply:

Application Deadline: 15th May 2023, 18:00 hrs IST

Please email latest CV (not exceeding 10 pages) and cover letter highlighting your intention and suitability for the position with a subject line “Application to BITS BioCyTiH Chair Professorship program” to

a) CEO (ceo@biocytih.co.in) and cc to
b) Project Director (project.director@biocytih.co.in)

Please prepare the below documents in .pdf format

a) Latest CV (not exceeding 10 pages) along with achievements – details of career highlights including technology developed, technology transferred/licensed and commercialized, startups/spinoffs created, patents filed/granted, publications, PhDs supervised/currently supervising, current areas of research related to Bio-CPS, awards and recognitions
b) Cover letter (not exceeding 3 pages) outlining your suitability for the role (Application without cover letter will be rejected)

9. Instructions:

Save your CV as .pdf (with page numbering) and title your CV as following First Name_Last Name_CV. Similarly, please paginate your Cover Letter and name it as following First Name_Last Name_Cover Letter

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)- Chair Professorship FAQs

11. For Queries:

Please write to Dr. Satya Dash ceo@biocytih.co.in for any queries related to the application proces