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BITS BioCyTiH Faculty Fellowship Program

BITS BioCyTiH Foundation (herein after Foundation) invite applications for BITS BioCyTiH Faculty Fellowship program from faculties at any Indian academic/research institutions with demonstrated experience in product development through translational research, patents, and publications. Faculty Fellows are expected to contribute to the technology development activities of the Foundation in the diverse areas of Bio-Cyber Physical Systems (Bio-CPS)

1. About BIO-CPS :

Combining biological knowledge with the advances in computing and physical system provides a holistic approach to tackle multiple
problems across various sectors. Bio-CPS brings together interdisciplinary R&D and translation expertise across the fields of
biology, electronics, computer science and associated disciplines to solve challenging problems. Automation, machine learning and advances in bio machine interfaces have begun to shape R&D in this area. Healthcare, agriculture, consumer products, environment, information and communication technologies (biocomputing) etc. are some of the areas in which Bio-CPS can make an impact.

2. Technology Areas:

Interdisciplinary areas of Bio-CPS under healthcare, agriculture, environment and water with Bio-CPS technology components, but not limited to:

− Biosensors and Actuators
− Internet of Things
− Cyber security systems
− Image analysis
− Cloud computing & Edge computing
− Robotics & Automation
− Microfluidics
− Microelectromechanical systems
− Machine Learning
− Deep Learning
− Artificial Intelligence
− Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality etc.

3. No. of Positions: 2

4. Tenure: 1 year

5. Fellowship and Contingency:

a) Monthly Fellowship: INR 35,000/-

b) Contingency along with travel-100000/- for 1 year (given in two tranches)

6. Eligibility Criteria:

a) A permanent faculty at any Indian academic/research institution with less than 15 years of cumulative experience as a faculty or an academic researcher
b) The applicant should have ongoing research with demonstrated output as patents, publications or technology transfer in areas related to Bio-CPS
c) The Faculty fellowship is given to faculties who have ongoing technology development activities in Bio-CPS in their laboratories with some of the technologies at or above TRL-4* stage
d) The proposal for Faculty fellowship should be based on a developed technology in Bio-CPS at or above TRL 4 stage which through 1 year of focused research can complete prototyping /Fabrication/testing/ validation/ certification etc.
e) Technology at or above TRL 4 stage in Bio-CPS will be given preference
(*TRL 4: Demonstration and inhouse testing of a functional
prototype at laboratory level)

7. Guidelines and Responsibilities:

a) The applicant shall propose a plan of action for furthering technology development of a Bio-CPS technology of choice from
applicant’s laboratory with defined 3 milestones to be achieved in the following 12 months
b) The Faculty Fellow shall contribute to translational research activities under the technology development vertical of the Foundation
c) The Faculty Fellow is expected to give 3 talks in relevant areas of Bio-CPS either in person at one of the BITS Pilani Campuses (Pilani, Goa or Hyderabad) or at BITS BioCyTiH Foundation webinar platforms
d) Intellectual Property generated during the fellowship tenure shall remain with the Faculty Fellow and will be governed by the rules and regulations of the parent institution where the Faculty Fellow is based
e) Applicant ideally would work from the facilities at their institution and the Foundation would endeavour to provide access to the laboratory facilities at BITS Pilani campuses based on availability, if any

8. How to Apply: (Click here to apply – Apply here)

Application Deadline: 15th May 2023, 18:00 hrs IST

Attachments to the google form: Please prepare the below documents in .pdf format (max 10 MB) and upload along with application:

a) Latest CV (not exceeding 6 pages) along with achievements (details of ongoing projects, sponsored research completed technology developed, patents filed/ granted, publications, current areas of research being undertaken, PhDs supervised/currently supervising, M.Tech supervised/currently supervising, conferences attended
b) Cover letter (not exceeding 3 pages) outlining how you would be best fit for the role. (Application without a cover letter will be rejected) Submit Faculty Fellowship proposal (Click to Download the Proposal Format ) on translational research with clearly defined quarterly milestones for next 1 year

9. Instructions for application:

a) Save your CV and Cover letter as .pdf file and name the file as First Name_Last Name_CV & First Name_Last Name_Cover Letter
b) Save your proposal as .pdf file and name it as First Name_Last Name_Proposal
c) Please paginate all the documents
d) If selected, you would need to submit a No-Objection Certificate from Head of the Institution/ Registrar from your parent organization

10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – BITS BioCyTiH Faculty Fellowship FAQs

11.For Queries:

Please write to Dr. Satya Dash (ceo@biocytih.co.in) with a -cc to Dr. JMS Murthy (manager.incubation@biocytih.co.in) for any queries related to the application proces