Call for Proposals

2nd Call

Advanced Research Translation (ART) Program

About BITS BioCyTiH Foundation

BITS BioCyTiH Foundation (BBF) is a Section 8 company established by Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani and funded under NM-ICPS program of DST, Government of India. It is a Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) focused on “Bio-Cyber Physical Systems (Bio-CPS)”.
BBF’s vision is “To foster research, innovation, skill development and training through mentoring and nurturing startups and entrepreneurs, and industry & academia collaborations to undertake cutting edge research and provide affordable solutions in the areas of healthcare, agriculture, water and environment”. The Foundation is spread across the three campuses of BITS Pilani (Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) (
About Bio-CPS
Bio-Cyber Physical Systems (Bio-CPS) is an interdisciplinary field that synergistically combines principles from biology, electronics, computer science, and related disciplines to offer transformative solutions. Employing a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies like IoT, ML, AI, AR, Smart Sensors etc.

2. Advanced Research Translation (ART) program.
The BITS BioCyTiH Foundation has introduced the Advanced Research Translation (ART) Program as a component of the Technology Development vertical.
ART offers crucial support for translational research that revolves around advanced technology and market-ready products. Its primary aim is to expedite the transformation of academic research into viable commercial products and technologies. These translational initiatives may either focus on Bio-CPS or incorporate a strategy to seamlessly integrate a Bio-CPS component into the project for value enhancement. All these efforts are geared towards effectively addressing significant technical and financial challenges within the healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sectors.
We invite research groups, scientists, faculty members, industry professionals, and institutions to submit proposals for translational research projects. Collaborative projects are strongly encouraged and preferred. (Collaboration between University & BITS Faculty, University & Industry/Startup, Research Establishments/Scientist & Academia, etc. Preference will be given to collaborations with BITS Faculty/Industry)
Why Should you Apply?
Get funding support for translatable research work (at/above TRL 5)
Develop your lab prototype into Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Spin off a startup from your R&D outputs
Application areas supported under ART program:
Examples: Biosensors, Precision Agriculture, Water purification, Digital MedTech, IoT, etc.
Applicants must hold a regular position within an academic institute or a government research establishment (ISRO, CSIR, ICAR, IARI, DRDO, etc ).
The Principal Investigator (PI) should have the necessary access to labs (for research, testing, fabrication, etc.) to conduct the proposed translational project.
The proposals should meet the following technical criteria at the time of application:
The technology/product should be at a mature stage, poised for commercialization.
Demonstrable technology.
Feasibility to meet market requirements is a must.
Obtaining regulatory approvals is desirable.

Funding support

Funds: Up to INR 60.00 Lakhs
Budget Planning

Consumables Maximum of 30% of project cost
Outsourced services Maximum of 30% of project cost
Manpower Maximum of 30% of project cost
Equipment Maximum of 30% of project cost
Travel Maximum of 30% of project cost
Overhead Maximum of 30% of project cost

Duration of support: 12 months (extendable up to 3 months on merits)
Application deadline: June 30th, 2024, by 5:00 PM IST
Key Outcome
Deployable technical solution with promise of impact.
Ownership of the new intellectual property (IP) will be shared with BITS BioCyTiH foundation (BBF).
The technology transfer will be facilitated by BBF, and a mutually agreed fee or royalty will be applicable.
In the event of a startup emerging from this project, BBF should be offered equity, and the startups are encouraged to avail of incubation services offered by BBF.